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Lexli is a line of professional skincare products supported by scientific research and formulated with a base of certified organic, pharmaceutical-grade aloe vera. Developed by a board-certified plastic surgeon and noted aloe researcher, the Lexli collection works to achieve healthier, younger-looking skin, regardless of type, tone or age. Lexli products are sold only through licensed physicians and skincare professionals.


AloeGlyC has an effective pH of 2.1-2.3 counterbalanced with the healing and soothing effects of 100% pure pharmaceutical grade aloe vera



Cleansing Lotion

  • Clean face with cleansing lotion
  • May also be used as a shower gel
  • Works well as a shaving cream for men and women
  • Mild enough for children and infants



Day Moisturizer with SPF 15

  • Effective moisturizer and protectant after the AloeGlyC
  • Apply to hands and arms to prevent sun damage when driving



Night Moisturizer

  • Aids in prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy
  • Can use to dilute Lexli's Aloe-Based AloeGlyC Exfoliant



Tone and Balance

  • Use after cleansing with a Lexli cleanser
  • Apply after shaving or showering
  • After make-up is applied, spritz entire face to set make-up
  • Soothes sunburn
  • Use midday to refresh the skin



Hand and Body Lotion

  • Apply to entire body after showering
  • Great for foot massages
  • Aids in the prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy



Moisture Intensifier Serum

  • Apply to dehydrated areas of the skin or where line and wrinkles are visible
  • Apply to dry, chapped or itchy skin in the winter
  • Apply to cuticles or fingertips to prevent hangnails
  • Apply around the eyes to minimize fine lines



Lightening Lift

  • With regular use, it will decrease hyperpigmentation from sun damage and age spots
  • Use before a special event to provide a temporary lift lasting 4-6 hours
  • Use twice a day to minimize hyperpigmentation
  • Use as a one weekly max. Let dry 10-15 minutes then rinse
  • Frequent usage helps to control oil production



30 Day Starter Kit

  • Smaller, convenient bottles are great for traveling
  • Has the 4 basic steps PLUS the Tone & Balance



Acne Cleanser

  • Use morning and evening for oily skin and acne
  • Helps eliminate blackheads and whiteheads
  • For mild acne, use in conjunction with AloeGlyC,
  • Moisturizer for Oily Skin and Sunscreen Spray with SPF 15



Sunscreen Spray with SPF 15

  • Reapply hourly to maintain protection
  • Works well on sensitive skin



Acne Clarifying Lotion

  • Apply lotion 1-2 times per day depending on severity of acne
  • Massage with fingertips evenly onto the entire are to be treated
  • Can apply to face, chest and back or wherever breakouts occur
  • Use as a spot treatment for mild acne