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We care for our customers !! Unimed has launched 800 UNIMED for customer support ...Unimed has implemented GPS fleet management for enhancing delivery lead time -


UNIMED works in partnership with some of the world’s leading companies in the healthcare sector – from medical equipment to consumables - to create access to one of the most dynamic regional markets in the world, where experience and an understanding of the market and its business culture are prime assets

UNIMED’s Medical Division aims to become the leading healthcare provider meeting the demands of hospitals and clinics in both the private and government sectors in terms of medical equipment, furniture, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, consumables, disposables, mobility, orthopedics, Exercise Equipments, Sports medicine, Treatment supplies, Bathing accessories, Sensory motors, etc covering the UAE and wider GCC markets.

UNIMED’s portfolio of medical equipment includes a range of world-renowned brands and services include import management, after-sales service and annual maintenance contracts for equipment after the expiry of the warranty period. The Medical Division is dedicated to the long-term service and maintenance support for its entire range of equipment.

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